Information for Parents

Information for Parents

The greatest challenge of an study abroad experience is often faced by the natural parents. Parents sometimes struggle to both protect their child and let them grow and learn independently. GIC Argentina is here to provide assistance and reassurance as needed to make this transition easier for our students and parents. We encourage parents to take an active role in preparing their children for study abroad. Being involved in your child’s program will not only better prepare you in the event of an emergency, it will also alleviate some anxiety for both yourself and your child. Below are some helpful tips to get you started.

Housing Screening and Selection

We believe that housing is an important component of a successful study abroad experience in Argentina. We are proud to work with the most beautiful student residence in Buenos Aires, located walking distance from our school and from the university. We also have a database of more than 90 host families and homestays located in different neighborhoods of the city. We carefully choose home stays based upon their desire to host international students. Each family is interviewed in their home and is chosen for their ability to provide a safe and comfortable home and a positive cultural experience for their new family member. It is always a good idea to have your child bring a small gift for the host family at the beginning of the program.

Travel and Health Insurance

We strongly encourage students to get travel and health insurance. Travel and Medical insurance is NOT included in the price of our programs. Please note that GIC Argentina will not be responsible for any cost incurred by the student relating to medical illness, accidents or any reason that will result in the student early return. For a travel and health insurance free quote, please visit the following link.

Safety Abroad

What security measures does GIC Argentina take to ensure the safety of my child? At GIC Argentina we make every effort to ensure the safety of our program participants. Among the measures we take are:

- We have on-site coordinators in the 4 locations where our programs are offered. Our coordinators have experience studying abroad and are available 24/7 to help students enjoy their stay.

- We provide students with a “pre-departure information pack” and “travel check list” in order to help them get ready for their trip. Included in this information are safety tips.

- We have a long standing established relationship with a trusted and reliable taxi company that students can call at anytime (including in any emergency) or if they do not feel comfortable using public transportation.

Culture Shock and Cultural Adjustment

Some of you may have concerns that your child will enjoy the freedom of experiencing a new country and culture and decide not to come home or concerns that they will decide that further study or employment is no longer for them now that they have a taste for travelling the world. Well don’t fear! In our experience, participants come back more determined to do well at university or in finding employment as they realise how priveleged they are to have these opportunities open to them.

Travel Documents

Many parents ask themselves: should I have my child give me a Power of Attorney before s/he departs? If your child is of the age to have his/her own financial accounts, it is advisable that you have him/her sign a Power of Attorney form giving you or whoever is design at ed, the ability to administer his/her finances during their time abroad, including tax returns, cashing checks, withdraw ing money from the student’s checking account, etc.

Visits from Parents

Yes, you can come visit your child. If you are planning to do so, we recommend you let us know ahead of time and we can help you with the arrangements. We also recommend that you come at the end of the program. By then you will have an excellent tour guide. In most cases, parents cannot stay in the same homestay as their child or in the student residence, however we will be happy to help you arrange your housing in a hotel nearby.

Tips for Parents

- Become familiar with the program your son/daughter has selected.
- Discuss safety, health and insurance, and emergency procedures.
- Make sure you have a valid passport; in case of an emergency which requires you to travelling abroad, it will expedite your travel. (Note that your child must also have a valid passport.)
- Make a copy of your child’s passport and legal documents. Keep them in a safe place.
- Discuss behavioral issues with your child.
- Discuss independent travel plans and activities with your child.
- Have your child’s flight itinerary handy.
- Make sure your child provides you with this information when he/she arrives at the host location.
- Make sure GIC Argentina and your child has your correct contact information, including office and home phone numbers and email.
- Stay in touch with your child on a regular basis.
- Review and understand GIC Argentina’s Terms and Conditions regarding behavior. Keep in mind that your child will be living under a different set of cultural norms, laws and social expectations.

Sending Packages

We don’t recommend sending any packages from abroad to your child while in Argentina (if you can avoid it). Its not 100% of the time, but more often than not Argentina customs will want a hefty tax to be paid on the full retail value that they assign to the product – often a lot more than the person paid for the product. If you have to receive a package from abroad it will likely end up at the Ezeiza (international) airport or at the main post office and you’ll have to take a taxi there and back to retrieve your item.