Volunteer in South America

Volunteer in South America

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Volunteer in South America, Volunteer in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Are you interested in being a Latin America volunteer? Are you interested in volunteering abroad in South America? If so, why not consider being a volunteer in Argentina? Below you will find more information about our volunteer positions with Argentinean voluntary organisations.

Why Volunteer in South America

  • Be a volunteer in Argentina! Make a real contribution in a place that needs you.
  • Volunteer in Latin America with GIC Argentina in a variety of projects helping to provide support or training to those in need.
  • Volunteering abroad with GIC Argentina is a unusual way to be immersed in a new culture and improve your Spanish skills.
  • Volunteer work abroad in Argentina can be an intense experience with opportunities to focus on meaningful global concerns.
  • Volunteering in South America will allow you to meet new friends: volunteer program coordinators, other volunteers and, of course, local people.
  • Participate in a volunteer program in Argentina and you will see the country as it really is, blemishes and all.
  • Participate in a GIC Volunteering in Argentina program and make your time in South America an unforgettable experience!

FAQ: Volunteer South America / Volunteer in Argentina

1. Do I need to pay to volunteer in South America?
Our volunteer South America programs in Argentina have a small organizational fee. This fee is partially donated to each volunteer project and it also covers organizational expenses such as: volunteer coordinator, office space, answering emails, maintaining website, crating printed materials, etc. Program fees help fund the project itself, from construction materials to school supplies. With every new volunteer comes the funding to continue the projects.

2. What is the minimum age to participate in this Latin America volunteer program ?
You have to be at least 18 years of age to be part of a volunteer project.

3. What level of language skill do I have to have to volunteer in Argentina?
There is not language requisite to participate in some of these volunteer South America programs. However, other volunteer projects require an intermediate or advanced level of Spanish.

4. What is the length of the volunteer work in South America programs?
The South America volunteer program duration can be flexible depending upon the volunteer assignment. We ask, however, for a minimum commitment of 4 weeks.

5. How much time is spent each week in the volunteer in Latin America program?
The schedule of each volunteer project is different can can vary depending upon the time of the year and the number of volunteers assigned to that project.

6. How can I enroll in this volunteer Latin America free program?
It is very easy! Simply fill out the application form by clicking here and submit a résumé/CV and soon you’ll be volunteering in South America!

7. Can I combine this volunteer South America program with other programs?
Yes! You can combine this volunteer abroad for free program with other programs if you want, but you should arrange this in advance to make sure that there are no scheduling conflicts and that there is space available. Please, contact us if this is your situation.

8. Do I receive a certificate at the end of the volunteer program?
Yes, upon request GIC Argentina will give you a certificate of participation in our Volunteer Work Program.

9. Do you arrange excursions on the weekend?
Yes!! We can arrange optional trips to many parts of Argentina – however any costs are not included in the program price. Your program does include cultural activities such as walking tours around Buenos Aires, theaters, museums, etc.

10. Will I meet anyone if I go alone to volunteer in Argentina?
Yes! Most of our participants travel independently and are looking to meet other people with an interest in learning a language and discovering another culture. Not only will you meet other Argentina volunteer program participants, but you will meet locals as well, at your volunteer project, in your home stay and in your travels.

11. Do I need a passport or visa or work permit for these Argentina volunteer programs?
You must have a valid passport to participate in our volunteer work programs, and in some cases you need a visa depending on your country of citizenship. The volunteer opportunities we offer are considered cultural exchange programs, therefore work permits are not required. Please note that you will not be allowed to seek paid, non-program related employment while on a visitor’s visa.

12. Is medical insurance included in the program price?
No, medical insurance is not included and it is REQUIRED to participate in the volunteer abroad for free program. We strongly encourage students to get travel and health insurance. GIC Argentina will not be responsible for any cost incurred by the participant relating to medical illness, accidents or any reason that will result in the participant’s early return.

13. What happens if the South America volunteer project is not successful?
One of the benefits of our program is the support and guidance we provide throughout your volunteer placement. So far, we had never had any adaptation problem with students participating in this volunteer program but, obviously, the one factor that no one can foresee is how well various individuals will get along. We will seek an alternative volunteer in South America placement if you are not satisfied with the one you were assigned to.