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University Semester Abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Study Abroad Argentina Buenos Aires

Study Abroad in Argentina: Semester Program Options

After you register for this study abroad program in Buenos Aires, we will submit your registration at the Universidad de Belgrano and send you an acceptance letter. Upon arrival in Buenos Aires, you will have a welcome orientation at the university and a meeting with an academic advisor who will help you choose courses to design your study abroad semester schedule. You will have a trial period during which time you can add, change or drop a course.
Study abroad program options:

  • Semester
  • Semester early start 1 (1-month Spanish preparatory course + semester)
  • Semester early start 2 (2-month Spanish preparatory course + semester)
  • Academic Year

Requirements: Study Abroad Argentina

One of the benefits of participating in our study abroad in Argentina program is the quick and simple registration process. Below are the minimum qualifications required to participate in our study abroad programs in Buenos Aires at Universidad de Belgrano:
- Minimum age: 18
- Education: High school completed
- Minimum GPA: 2.5
- Language: at least one semester of Spanish completed

Semester Courses:

Participating in this semester study abroad in Argentina program, you can take courses taught completely in English for international students and/or courses of Spanish as a second language. You can also arrive one or two months before your semester starts and take optional Spanish preparatory courses. You can download a semester study abroad course catalog by clicking on the titles below:
Study Abroad Argentina Buenos AiresSee list of semester courses

Semester Dates:

Below are the dates for the Spring and Fall semester study abroad in Buenos Aires:

Semester #1
Spanish prep course session 1: Jan 6 to Jan 31, 2014
Spanish prep course session 2: Feb 3 to Feb 28, 2014
Pre selection of semester courses: Mar 5 to Mar 8, 2014
Semester classes: Mar 10 to Jun 19, 2014
Final Exams: Jun 16 to Jun 19, 2014

Semester #2
Spanish prep course session 1: May 26 to Jun 19, 2014
Spanish prep course session 2: Jun 23 to Jul 18, 2014
Pre selection of semester courses: Jul 21 to Jul 25, 2014
Semester classes: Jul 28 to Nov 7, 2014
Final Exams: Nov 3 to Nov 6, 2014

Housing Options

We offer the following housing options. Please visit the following links for more information:
- Homestay
- Student Residence
- Shared Apartments
- Single Apartments

Universidad de Belgrano: Study Abroad in Buenos Aires

Study Abroad Argentina Buenos AiresUniversidad de Belgrano (UB) is a top private universities in Buenos Aires and the most reknown for its Argentina study abroad semester programs. UB has a population of more than 14,500 students and it welcomes more than 900 international students participating in Argentina study abroad programs every year.

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