International Internships in Argentina

Boost your Resume and Practice your Spanish in a Work Situation

Internships Argentina

International Internships in Argentina: Information

The GIC Argentina professional internship program gives you the opportunity to put your Spanish language skills and knowledge to work. Participating in an internship in Buenos Aires is a unique immersion experience in the local culture and business world. There is no better way to improve your Spanish in a work immersion environment than doing an internship in Argentina.

International Internships in Argentina: Fields

GIC Argentina can arrange your international internship in one of the following fields depending on your qualifications:
- Advertising & Public Relations
- Sales & Marketing
- Hospitality & Tourism
- Human Rights
- Information Technology
- Journalism / Media / Radio / TV
- Translation / Writing

Requirements: International Internships in Buenos Aires

The GIC Argentina Professional Internship Program gives you the opportunity to put your Spanish language skills and knowledge to work.
- Have an advanced level of conversational Spanish
- Minimum commitment of 4 weeks*
- Submit your resume/CV in English and Spanish
- Have international insurance coverage
* some positions require longer commitment

Start Dates: International Internships in Buenos Aires

The start date of each internship position is flexible. We recommend you to arrive on a Saturday or a Sunday in order to have your orientation and first internship interview on a Monday.

Schedule: International Internship in Buenos Aires

Each internship position has a different schedule. Generally your internship in Buenos Aires will be Monday through Friday from 3 to up to 5 hours per day. Please be aware that Internship placements from December to March may be limited due to the Argentina summer vacations. Also, holiday weeks such as Christmas and Easter have very few placements available.

Housing Options

We offer the following housing options. Please visit the following links for more information:
- Homestay
- Student Residence
- Shared Apartments
- Single Apartments


All international internship positions in Buenos Aires are non-paid.

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