Shared Apartments in Buenos Aires

Apartments for Students in Buenos Aires

Shared Apartment

Shared Apartments

Great balance of privacy and social life!

  • Private bedroom
  • Linen and towels included
  • Living space shared with your host
  • You can cook your own meals
  • All apartments located in safe areas

Shared apartments include:

  • A furnished bedroom (single occupant),
  • Standard utilities,
  • Fully equipped kitchen,
  • Shared common areas (kitchen, bathroom, living room, etc),
  • WiFI available
  • Some apartments include linens & towels.

Shared Apartments

A shared apartment is a great balance between privacy and social interaction. With this housing option, you will have your own private bedroom, but you will share the common areas with your host (a local Argentine or another international student), allowing you to practice your Spanish and meet new friends.

Apartment Size

You can choose between 2 and 3 bedroom apartments (bigger apartments are also available) which you share with a local Argentinean or foreigners (depending on availability). We always do our best to accommodate you in a shared apartment with an Argentinean student in order to help you improve your Spanish speaking abilities. There may be more than one Argentine and/or international student also sharing the apartment.

Location in Buenos Aires

Apartments are located in central neighborhoods with easy access to public transportation (subway and busses). Unlike in the US and other countries, there are no apartment buildings solely for students in Argentina. Apartments are located in residential areas throughout the city.

Additional Information

- In most cases the host will be owner of the apartment.
- Students have to take care of their own meals.
- In most cases students have to bring their own linen and towels.
- A refundable security deposit is required.
- In most cases the hosts are not college age students.