Full Cultural and Language Immersion


Homestay in Argentina

Live with a Local Family

  • Feel at home away from home
  • Practice Spanish, immerse yourself in the culture
  • Private room, linen and towels included
  • Two meals included
  • Hosts carefully selected by our staff

Homestay include:

  • A single furnished room
  • Linen and towels
  • Breakfast and dinner*
  • Access to the telephone for receiving calls
  • Access to the Internet is sometimes available

Homestays in Argentina

Feel at home away from home. GIC Argentina has a network of more than 100 warm and welcoming homestays. Our homestays have been carefully selected by our staff and most of them have been hosting our students for several years. Choosing a homestay is a great way to practise your Spanish and to learn how we Argentinians live.

Homestay Location

Homestay location varies depending upon the family and availability, but all homestays are located in the nicer residential areas of the city and close to public transportation. The homestay housing option is available in the cities of Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Mendoza and Patagonia (Bariloche).

* Meals Included

Breakfast is included everyday. Dinner is included Monday through Friday. On weekends most students eat out with friends or travel (or you are welcome to cook you own meals). Lunch is not included as students are in class during lunch time and they eat at the university cafeteria or at a restaurant/deli near the school.

Commute Times

Daily commuting is a reality for everyone who lives in Buenos Aires. Like local students, you will likely commute to your classes. The commute time from your accommodations to the center of the city can be from approximately 10 to 35 minutes by public transportation (bus or subway).

Housing Comparison

Compare the housing options easily here!


The cuisine of Argentina is distinctive in South America because of its strong resemblance to Italian, Spainish and other European cuisines. Most Argentines eat a very light breakfast and do not eat savory food in the morning. Italian food like pasta and pizza is widely available and extremely popular in Argentina.

Special Meals

Vegetarian, kosher and gluten-free meals request can be accommodated but require an extra cost, please enquire.