GIC Argentina Reviews

Video Testimonials and Reviews from Former Students

GIC Argentina ReviewsThe Spanish classes were very enjoyable because we had lots of discussions in small groups, which meant the classes were not boring. It was a nice way to meet people and learn Spanish. Keep up the good work GIC! I don’t think there’s anything else I could add to what they’re already doing very well. Peter O’Farrell, National University of Ireland, 2010
GIC Argentina ReviewsI have to say that spending a month in Argentina and going through GIC was one of the best things I have ever done. I had an amazing time and hope to go back as soon as I can. I traveled with a teacher friend of mine. Since we were a bit older, we had GIC find us an apartment. We were offered a few we weren’t crazy about at first, but then found one we LOVED. It was in a great area. I made a few friends I hope to keep for life. Danielle Mahoney, NY, USA 2011
GIC Argentina ReviewsMy program was fantastic! Staying with Olga felt like I was staying with family. She was very kind and welcoming and super helpful. She is the best! My teachers were very helpful, patient and kind. The wine tasting classes were interesting and fun too. Even though I didn’t participate in the volunteer project I think that is a very great and important activity too. Sarah Raskin, California (USA), 2010
GIC Argentina ReviewsI loved everything! GIC Argentina organised some amazing activities. My program was great and I would definitively recommend it. The GIC staff were so friendly and helpful and really made the experience that much better. I wouldn’t change a thing! Thank you very much! Alessia Andretta, Durham University (UK), 2010
GIC Argentina ReviewsI enjoyed my trip to Buenos Aires a lot. The best part of my program was my hostess Herminia. She is an adorable woman, cooks up a storm, helps me with my Spanish and treats me like her son. I will truly miss her. Gracias por todo! James Hatfield, CA, USA 2010
GIC Argentina ReviewsMy favorite part of the semester of course was meeting people and making friends in the month spanish class at GIC and in my UB classes. My host mom was Maria Rosa and she is FANTASTIC! I loved everything…we always spoke in Spanish, she was an amazing cook and healthy, she gave me just the right amount of freedom and space, she genuinely cared about me and my experience and I really feel like I was a new member of her family. Also, my location was excellent to be one block from the Subte. Truly perfect location. Tracey Armitage, Ohio State University (USA), 2010
GIC Argentina Reviews… the student residence is an amazing place!!! I was able to speak Spanish (actually I needed to because my roommates couldn’t speak English), I made friends from all of the world and was able to get the taste of the city. I just wish that the supermarkets had better vegetables. Everyone was really friendly! I really learned a lot of Spanish and made amazing friends in my dorm. I am planning to come back in January so I might need GIC’s help again. This is an amazing program … Anna Garner, SUNY (USA), 2010
GIC Argentina ReviewsI thought the classes were very good and the teachers were energetic and good. I thought the wine tasting was fun and interesting and the volunteering was definitely a good experience. GIC Argentina staff were incredible. SOOO helpful and friendly and personable. I have already recommended this program to other people… Mary Baird, USA, 2010
GIC Argentina ReviewsMi programa fue excelente! Quiero agradecer a todos en GIC Argentina por su ayuda. Vivir en la residencia fue buena experiencia. Me gusto mucho mi profesora. Las clases fueron muy buenas. He disfrutado mucho mi tiempo en Buenos Aires … Hiroshi Takeda, Musashino University (Japan), 2008

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