Commitment to Diversity

La Diversidad Cultural

Commitment to Diversity Diversity not only reflects the world in which we live, it creates a dynamic environment that fosters creativity and excellence. Differing points of view, different frames of reference, and a broad range of life experiences bring an energy to the workplace that has helped GIC Argentina become a leader study abroad program provider.

Why Diversity Matters

The many benefits of having a diverse population include increased strength, adaptability, and innovation. However, these aspects of diversity can only be fully realized when there is first an appreciation for differences. GIC Argentina understands the knowledge one gains when interacting with a diverse population, and we recognize that “diversity” goes far beyond race and ethnicity. GIC Argentina celebrates these differences and encourages students to not only explore the diversity within Argentina, but to also explore the diversity among the GIC Argentina staff and students. The best thing about our company is the fantastic people we interact with on a daily basis.

Our Students

Among the top reasons for deciding to work or study abroad is the opportunity to develop relationships with new and interesting people. You’re guaranteed to meet plenty of locals during your time in Argentina, but with GIC Argentina you will also meet fellow travelers from around the world and from every background. GIC Argentina prides itself on attracting a diverse student body – whether you’re an American undergrad on a semester abroad, a South African gap year student taking a break before uni, GIC Argentina will help you make the most of your time as you learn Spanish in Argentina. Our commitment to diversity ensures you have a rich experience that will expose you to many different cultures and fresh ideas.

Our Staff

At GIC Argentina our employees come from all parts of the globe and are available to support students throughout their stay. Having faced similar challenges in the past, we can relate to the common (and less common) problems that students encounter. While we offer many services that take care of the logistics of living abroad, we recognize that sometimes this is not enough. Sometimes the stress of culture shock can prevent students from fully experiencing Argentina. While our staff handles many daily logistics of your stay in Argentina the service we most cherish is helping students enjoy the process of navigating Argentina’s rich culture.