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GIC Argentina Founder

Many people ask me how GIC Argentina was started. It began more than 10 years ago when my son went for a year to Japan as a student. It was truly a life changing experience for him, and was an eye opener for me as a mother to see how studying abroad could enrich someone’s life so much. I love seeing how living abroad can open peoples minds, make them more well rounded and more enthusiastic for the possibilities in the world. One of the best feelings I get is when I hear from one of our students a long time after their program and they are still in touch with Argentinean friends. To me, these international friendships are the ultimate cultural experience!
Graciela Cerquatti

Why choose GIC Argentina?

GIC Argentina offers a wide variety of Spanish courses, semester study abroad programs, volunteer projects and international internships in four different locations throughout Argentina. We offer programs in partnership with top universities and Spanish language schools in Buenos Aires, Bariloche (Patagonia), Cordoba and Mendoza. We also organize customized study abroad programs in different fields of study for university groups. Choose GIC Argentina for your study abroad program and explore and endless list of possibilities!

Funded in 1999, with more than a decade of experience in the field of international education, GIC Argentina is the #1 study abroad organization specializing in programs in Argentina. GIC Argentina has received more than 6000 international students over the years, among them groups of very well known US universities. GIC Argentina is the favorite choice for people coming to study abroad, volunteer abroad or intern in Argentina.

The experience that GIC Argentina provides to our participants goes beyond classroom learning. Our main goal is to connect our students with the local culture and customs through after school activities, trips, housing options, etc. The learning and fun don’t stop outside of the classroom!

GIC Argentina established partnerships with a number of universities and Spanish language schools in Argentina, guaranteeing you a successful study abroad program. We also have been selected by a number of foreign universities to organize and run their study abroad programs and trips to Argentina.

More about us

Who we are

GIC stands for “Grupo de Intercambio Cultural” (Cultural Exchange Group). We are an international educational organization committed to offering our local expertise and support to promote study abroad programs in Argentina. The GIC Argentina team is composed of a small group of professionals in the field of education, travel and marketing with vast knowledge and experience.

Our Values

Commitment: We are dedicated to excellence in the work we perform and are fully engaged with the students and organizations we serve.
Innovation: We are a company that is progressive, proactive, and dynamic. We are continually looking for new ways to do our core business better and for new opportunities that relate to our vision and mission.
Knowledge: We continuously accumulate new information about the programs we operate and provide professional development opportunities to our staff.
Responsiveness: To all of our customers, we will provide prompt, reliable service in a personalized manner.
Integrity: We operate our organization in a professional manner with a commitment to the highest standards of honesty and ethics.

Our Passion

We are passionate about traveling, learning languages, meeting people and experiencing new cultures. We show pride in our brands and heritage. We promote a positive, energizing, optimistic and fun environment for our employees and students. We promote and implement creative and innovative ideas and solutions.

Our Student Ratings and Reviews

Overall Customer Satisfaction 95%
Quality of Teaching 95%
Quality of Housing Options 90%
Cultural Immersion Activities 75%
Student Support 89%
Variety of Programs and Destinations 95%

Study Abroad Programs For University Groups

About UsTowson University, Maryland
- 2012, Winter Break Spanish Immersion Program in Buenos Aires
- 2013, Winter Break Spanish Immersion Program in Buenos Aires
About UsBemidji State University, Minesota
- 2012, Winter Break Spanish Immersion Program in Buenos Aires
- 2013, Winter Break Spanish Immersion Program in Buenos Aires
About UsCabrillo College, California
- 2008, Summer Spanish Immersion Program in Buenos Aires
- 2009, Winter Break Immersion Program in Bariloche
- 2010, Summer Spanish Immersion Program in Buenos Aires
- 2011, Winter Break Immersion Program in Bariloche
- 2013, Summer Spanish Immersion Program in Buenos Aires
About UsKennesaw State University, Georgia
- 2012, Student Leadership Program in Buenos Aires