Medical Volunteer Abroad, Public Health Program

Doctor shadowing in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Medical Volunteer Abroad

For liability reasons, medical volunteers are not allowed to treat patients, administer medications, give medical advice or visit a patient outside the schedule allowed by the medical coordinator.

Medical Internships, Doctor Shadowing

The GIC Argentina medical program in Buenos Aires is specially designed for pre-med or medical students to shadow doctors and nurses on their rounds, observe medical procedures first-hand and experience the health system in South America. We have medical volunteer positions available in public hospitals and health care clinics in Buenos Aires. The type of medical volunteer program will depend not only on your qualifications, but also on the length of your commitment and on your conversational Spanish skills. The more experience you have in the medical field, the better your Spanish language skills, and the longer you are committed to staying in Buenos Aires, the more you will gain from this public health medical internship!

Requirements: Medical Internships in Buenos Aires

Below are the requirements for the medical internship program in Argentina.
- Have an advanced level of conversational Spanish
- Minimum commitment of 4 weeks + 2 weeks Spanish course*
- Submit your resume/CV in English and Spanish
- Have international insurance coverage
*Spanish course can be taken before or after the medical program. The Spanish course is not included in the price of this program

Start Dates: International Internships in Buenos Aires

Most health care centers are happy to fit into your schedule thus allowing for flexible starting dates.

What you need: Medical Volunteer in Buenos Aires

Below is a list of items you will need in order to start your medical volunteer program in Buenos Aires:
- Lab coat (white or light blue)
- A photocopy of a certificate of your immunization record with dates
- Photocopy of passport
- Photocopy of health insurance (certificate or credential)
- Unofficial copy of your school transcripts

Schedule: Medical Volunteer in Buenos Aires

The schedule is flexible and can be arranged according to the needs of the doctors and the medical volunteers. The schedule of the medical volunteer program also is dependent on the time of the year. Generally, the schedule is Monday through Friday for about 4 hours per day. Most health care centers or hospitals are happy to fit into your schedule thus allowing for flexible starting dates.

How to Apply

You can apply for this Spanish course in Buenos Aires by completing an online registration form.

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FAQ: Medical Volunteer Abroad in Buenos Aires
1. Do I need to pay to be a medical volunteer in South America?
Our medical volunteer programs are not free and an organizational fee is required. The price of your medical volunteering abroad program includes your accommodation, program coordinators answering your questions prior to your arrival, an on site coordinator to help you with any problems, orientations, cultural activities, etc., as well as monetary donation we pay to hospital or clinic for receiving volunteers.

2. What is the minimum age to participate in this medical volunteering abroad program?
You have to be at least 18 years of age to be part of a medical volunteer project, as well as be enrolled in a medical or pre-medical program.

3. What level of language skill do I have to have to be a hospital volunteer abroad in Argentina?
Our medical and public health volulnteer programs require an intermediate or advanced level of Spanish. Medical and Pre Med Volunteer abroad positions are assigned based on language abilities and time commitment.

4. What is the length of the medical volunteer in South America programs?
Our medical / hospital volunteering abroad programs require a minimum commitment of 4 weeks.

5. How much time is spent each week volunteering in the hospital or clinic?
You will generally volunteer during normal business hours, an average of 3 to 5 hours per day, but the total hours will depend on the month and the needs to each doctor.

6. Do I need to be a pre-med student in order to be a hospital volunteer abroad with GIC Argentina?
You must either be enrolled or have graduated from medical, nursing, or other medical or public health program, or be enrolled in an undergraduate pre medical course of study that would lead towards later enrollment in a medical, nursing or other medical or public health program. We are the top premed volunteer abroad program in Argentina, and are very likely to have a program to suit you.

7. Can I combine this medical volunteering in Buenos Aires with other programs?
Except for the GIC Argentina short courses, it will typically be difficult to combine medical volunteering with other programs due to time conflicts.

8. Do I receive a certificate at the end of the medical / public health volunteer abroad program?
Yes, upon request GIC Argentina will give you a certificate of participation in our Public Health / Medical Volunteer Abroad Program.

9. Do you arrange excursions on the weekend?
Yes!! We can arrange optional trips to many parts of Argentina – however any costs are not included in the program price.

10. Do I need a passport or visa or work permit for these Argentina volunteer programs?
You must have a valid passport to participate in our volunteer work programs. These hosptial volunteering opportunities we offer are considered cultural exchange programs, therefore work permits are not required. Please note that you will not be allowed to seek paid, non-program related employment while on a visitor’s visa.

11. Is medical insurance included in the program price?
No, medical insurance is not included and it is REQUIRED to participate in the medical volunteer abroad program in Argentina. We strongly encourage students to get travel and health insurance. GIC Argentina will not be responsible for any cost incurred by the participant relating to medical illness, accidents or any reason that will result in the participant’s early return.